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Spoiler icon for True Blood 4.3

Of course, can't believe Sookie did NOTHING to save her.


Jul. 13th, 2011 03:56 am (UTC)
Debbie has to be somewhat angry at Sookie still though for killing the incredibly sexy Grant Bowler (I refuse to call him Cooter hahah). I'm putting money on the fact that she'll strike at some point. And didn't Sookie jack Debbie's face up Joker style last season? I could have sworn...

Anyway, that's the only reason I'm kind of interested in seeing Debbie again. Alacide to me has little chemistry with Sookie, so I'm not an Alacide/Sookie shipper, but it's always nice to see him again.

I liked Tommy (Mostly) last season and felt pretty sorry for him. But I think they've dropped the ball on making him a sympathetic character after what happened between him and Sam. Making him go straight back to grifting people is just making me think of the worst aspects of S3. I don't want to retread that plotline and I really, really, really don't want Sam sucked back into that crappy arc. If they can keep Sam out of it (Doubtful), I'll be happy.

The only time I really enjoyed Andy was in S2 and the whole pig thing. No spoilers though! ;-)

I don't know about Jesus and Lafayette. I think the big problem is Jesus isn't really that interesting. If it's revealed that he has some darker motive for getting Lafayette into the coven, I could like that. Or he has some kind of really interesting backstory or something happens to him in the circle that causes him to be possessed. He's just so...bland. I need more!

I'm really looking forward to more Eric and Sookie Adventures in Babysitting next week more than anything. It's definitely my A plotline so far this season. Something has to fill Russell's void!


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