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Lost Summer Song Set #2

Set #2: Sailing/Missing You Songs

The first two are jazzy wistful-bordering-on-hopeful "My lover has gone" songs. And give a listen to the super eerie "Ocean 123" - it could be a certain someone's thoughts post-finale. Someone who we're all very concerned about right now. Mighty unsettling!

Somewhere Beyond the Sea -- Bobby Darin (mp3)
Red Sails in the Sunset -- Dinah Washington (m4a)
Ocean 123 -- The Microphones (mp3)

These could be what could be what Kate or Sun (or Jack ;-D) are thinking right about now. Here Dean Martin's melancholy but still swingin.' Miss Polly Jean Harvey is just raw, needy emotion. LOVE her.

Return to Me -- Dean Martin (mp3)
Missed -- PJ Harvey (m4a)

Enjoy! Usual stuff: YSI, good for 7 days, yada yada.

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