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New TV: Person of Interest & Prime Suspect

I am having new TV overload! But! I did enjoy Person of Interest & Prime Suspect.

POI: Jim Caviezel makes a very compelling lead, especially when he's kicking all kinds of ass*** or just kind of being silently intimidating. He does suffer from that Viggo thing, though, where he's so soft-spoken you often have trouble figuring out what he's saying. Thank God for TiVo's rewind feature. I'm surprised to find Taraji P. Henson (Oscar nominee!) on a TV series but I liked her. And minimal ME so far so that's just the right amount for me. It's definitely an intriguing concept so I will tune in again. And good, God, that apartment building where that guy with his baseball-throwing kid lived: Is that a real place? Because I want to live there. Gorgeously retro.

***Caviezel kicks ass:

Prime Suspect: I LOVED the original UK series with Helen Mirren and was appalled they were doing a remake. But, this is very different so it doesn't feel like a rip-off.

Jane (Maria Bello) is not in charge, but she is still fighting for respect among her fellow cops. I love the cast: Kenny Johnson (The Shield), Kirk Acevedo, Brian F. O'Byrne (Flashforward) and Aidan Quinn. Oh, and Peter Gerety (Homicide:LOTS) as her dad. And I liked her characterization: They struck the right note of tough but human. And the cases are *not* the same so far, so that's a relief. I hate when they do exact copies of plots. I am a bit sad that O'Byrne is not the kickass vengeful father he was on Flashforward (really, the best part of that whole show was when he did this awesome beatdown on someone who knew here his daughter was), but a sexist dick who tells Jane to her face how much he hates her. They did such a good job with all the men hating her, actually, that it's uncomfortable to watch. I don't expect a quick turnaround on that front but it might make watching less, shall we say, fun. TV shows so rarely get "tough" women right that this is, so far, a refreshing, honest take on someone who's relatable and likable but still able to get in people's faces when needed.

Bello in action (see, more gritty street cop than DCI):

And O'Byrne kicking ass (Flashforward): Starts about 1 minute in:

And I think that's it for me and new shows! Whew.
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