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Lost pilot thoughts (on rewatching)

Well, I was gonna post this to lost_rewind but it's not allowing any commenting, apparently. (shrug)

I've watched the pilot a few times, but here's some newish thoughts.

In retrospect, why would Jack leave all the other survivors and go off alone to tend to his wounds? Did he think he'd be able to sew himself up on his own at first, until he actually got a look at his wound? Good thing Kate came along when she did. (cough*plotcontrivance*cough) Oh well, it got us shirtless Foxy (and one lone manly tear) so I'm not complaining.

The first shot we see is of Sawyer - 11 minutes in, lighting a cigarette and looking pissed. ;-D Anyone ever see a glimpse of him prior to that?

When Sayid says his name it doesn't sound like "Sigh eed" but "Sigh id" yet later on everyone pronounces it with the long "e" sound.

Minute 19: First of approximately 100 times Kate says "I'm going with you." ;-D

Big percussive sound as we cut to black after the monster appears and Charlie says "Terrific." Must make a note of how often Lost does that.

I have always been in the "Locke is Creepy" camp. Ever since the Sinister Orange Smile.

Why did they even ever introduce Rose? They could have easily given all her scenes to another character. Oh right, so we can have Samuel L. Jackson in Season 2. Meh. Really terrible way to juggle a large cast, dudes.

Pet peeve: Anyone saying "Let's do this." (As Jack does when approaching the cockpit.) Who ever says that in real life unless you're quoting someone who said it on TV or in a movie? Although even worse is "Let's do this thing." (eyeroll)

Did they ever deal with the bodies in the front section of the plane? Guess they just rotted there.

You know, we saw about as much of the monster here as we do in the finale - here it's just a giant shadow outside the plane.

Aw, why doesn't Kate stay in Jack's arms when he pulls her into the cockpit? Silly girl!

And Does anyone else find it odd that the producers of *Chicago* are the ones who are behind the "Empire" miniseries?


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