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How my favorite fic writers remind me of certain bands

This is where your brain goes when you can’t sleep and are feeling feverish. And when you have lots and lots of melancholy music in your iTunes. So here's my list and song samples for DL. ;-D

I know foxxcub loves her some Keane and that’s the perfect soundtrack to her fics. Lush, beautiful, haunting, melancholy. (Her delicious snark -- is for another post. ;-D)
Song: This is the Last Time

uberaeryn is like Joseph Arthur - Spooky, epic, quiet and wrenching by turns. Gets into your soul and stays there. And *completely* slashy!
Song: Stumble and Pain

eponine119 is like Interpol - So gorgeous, but leaves you almost heartbroken. I could go with Radiohead here too, like "High and Dry," songs that just make you *weep.*
Song: NYC

philomel is like Radiohead - Elegant and complex and so pretty. ;-D
Song: How to Disappear Completely

cmere is like ... Prince? Smutty through and through. Always leaves you smiling. (Ok, that's facetious. She can make you cry too, but I plead ... feverish brain!)
Song: Darling Nikki

kho is like Queens of the Stone Age. Sexy, breathless. An alternate would be Weezer, cuz Rivers Cuomo is endlessly prolific, even if he doesn't publish all his tunes.
Song: Little Sister (Queens of the Stone Age)

And me, I’m... Muse? Melodrama, baby! ;-D Or maybe a good Seattle band like Soundgarden or Alice in Chains. Angsty. Dramatic. Brooding. C'est moi.
Song: 4th of July (Soundgarden)
Song: Falling Away With You (Muse)
Song: Time is Running Out (Muse)

This list is sadly not inclusive. There are several writers I also love but I just am not inspired enough right now to think who they might match up to, musically. So I hope no one is hurt or offended if they don't see their names here.

FB? Thoughts? Counter-arguments?

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