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Lost Season 2 spoilers

I had to look. Sigh. From oceanic815. Some of this isn't exactly new, but I still wanted to discuss!

During a radio interview for L.A. rock station KROQ, J.J. Abrams said that the network and one of the actors on the show couldn't agree to terms on a new contract and therefore the actor will be paid his desired rate for one or two episodes and then he said the actor will be killed off the show and won't be featured in any flashback sequences. Abrams also talked a little bit about the Ana-Lucia character and he confirmed that Michelle Rodriguez would be a full time castmember in season two. He said a writer named Carlton Cuse was researching Che Guevara because of Ana-Lucia's leadership storyline. The only other thing he mentioned was that the characters on the raft eventually return to the island but it's not the part of the island they were hoping for. [foxxcub! You were right!] Source: KROQ

Remember the fellow passenger Jack met in the airport cafe prior to boarding the doomed flight? You know, the one played by Michelle Rodriguez in the May 18 episode? Well, there's a big - no, make that huge - twist coming in Season 2 involving her. I can't say more than that. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide Online

My thoughts re: The doomed character
Who do you think it is? It's not Josh, right? RIGHT? I'm hoping it's Daniel Dae Kim. But really, why would he kick up a fuss? Harold Perrineau has a busy stage career, so it could be him. But if he left, the searching for Walt storyline would be much less urgent! Sigh. If it's Sawyer, I'm through with the show. Who else could it be? Dom? Jorge? Naveen? Argh. I don't want to lose any more characters! I hate these kind of rumors.

Re: Ana Lucia
SIGH. This SUCKS. Fulltime Ana Lucia. And she has a "leadership" role? Urgh. This is not making me happy. I hope they find a way to make me like her. I already saw a Jack/Ana wallpaper. (groans)

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