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Lost Song Set #4: Teh Numbers!

Still not feeling up to writing, so here's some music.

Specifically, songs with TEH NUMBERS in them.

Yes, this is the ultimate geek post, is it not?

4 Group Four - Massive Attack (super cool electronica)

8 Mambo #8 - Perez Prado (swingin' latin standard)

15 15 Seconds - Belasco (indie rock - give a listen!)

16 16 Military Wives - The Decembrists (indie rock)

23 Strawberry Letter 23 - The Brothers Johnson ('70s R&B/pop now used in Kellogg's commercials)

42 JJ42 - Brian Eno and Idiot (Basically, it's "Deep Blue Day" with some bloke nattering on about "JJ42" - Dude!)

Take! Enjoy! Please comment if you do. ;-D

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