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New spec on existing Lost spoiler

So you know that spoiler we were discussing all this week? Here's a new thought.

New info on contract dispute
First of all - the new angle on the spoiler (this from E's Watch with Kristin) is that the cast member who's being killed off was always going to be killed off. The money/contract dispute is over whether they were going to be paid for the whole season since the person was understandably upset at being suddenly let go. It's my understanding that they all had contracts that let the show release them with short notice. Now I think they're adjusting the contracts to specify the money side of it - i.e., no full-season payouts if you're not there for the whole season.

So in a way it's reassuring that no one is being written out of the show because they wanted more money. It was apparently already planned and all the drama happened afterward.

My new spec
Everyone (including me) is assuming that the cast member who's being killed off will be a guy. But if we're getting an influx of new characters - including Michelle Rodriguez - who's to say that the women are immune anymore? That means it could be Maggie Grace who's leaving. After all, she's been cast in "X-Men 3" even though that film is on hold, last I heard. Anyway, that's the new spec. However, if you already suffered through a fake death once on Lost, does that give you immunity from real death? ;-D We'll see. I still think Naveen Andrews is the most likely to go. But we'll see.

Casting latest
So, did you see that those Samuel L. Jackson rumors are being dismissed as false? But Michelle Rodriguez has been officially announced as a new cast member. (siiiiigh) I haven't read any more casting news ... (wimping out on more spoilage for now).

ETA: So where does that place the "Survivor Tina Wesson as Alex" casting news? And if Tina Wesson *is* Alex, she's hardly 16. So then we can assume that Walt will come back as a hunky 35-year-old? o__O

From the Watch With Kristin chat. Debunks some rumors, confirms others

In other words - get ready for grown up Walt, I take it. And don't be too sure the
person who's getting killed off is a guy. Misinformation? Foilers? Dunno.


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