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TV meme

Television meme, tagged by gabrita

1. Total number of shows you watch or have watched regularly:
This year? 4

-Shows that I taped and/or watched religiously in the season of 2004-2005:
Lost, 24, Alias (*still* need to watch last 6 eps or so. Am very unmotivated to do so.) Just started w. The 4400.

-Shows that I watched randomly:
The O.C., Desperate Housewives, MI:5, Grey's Anatomy, Eyes, House

-Shows I will catch up on as soon as the DVDs are released:
None from this year. Will be renting QAF S1. Oh, wait, and The Shield! Totally missed it!

2. Last TV show you either bought on DVD, recorded or downloaded:

Bought - God - I buy so little TV on DVD. Uh, Buffy Season 2?

Recorded - Lost

3. Your most recent TV addiction:

4. New crushes in the season of 2004-2005.
SAWYER! And Jack, although Foxy's an old crush. Tony (24) is an old crush too.

5. Ten old shows you've watched a lot and that mean a lot to you:
Buffy, Angel, The Simpsons, Homicide: Life on the Street, X-Files, Blackadder, The Wild Wild West, Twilight Zone, Sex and the City, Twin Peaks (S1 only)

Now tag 5 people to do this meme:
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