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My bad, bad boys

Lost rerun tonight: Pilot, Part 2

Warning: fangirl squeeing ahead
Ah, a dose of angry, angry Sawyer! Oh yeah! ;-D I almost forgot what a complete *ass* he used to be. Hee. You've come a long way, baby. Except for that secret softy moment when he reads the letter, with that lump in his throat and we see he's, yep, a *tortured* bad boy. (falls in love all over again). And then the asshole is back when he grabs Kate and says, "I know girls like you." Oh man, it's good to be bad. He's so damn hot there and he's totally got her number.

That fight with Sayid - hanging onto Sawyer's jeans! All observed and noted before but so much fun to revisit.

And the polar bear shooting! That's my badass. (sighs happily) And yeah, I like the short hair. And the sideburns.

I *still* get goosebumps during the transmission scene. (shivers)

Russell Crowe on Letterman
Angry, angry Russell! Or as he was tonight, apologetic, shamefaced, *good* boy Russell. Dr. Phil Letterman kept asking him how he was going to "change his behavior" and he kept dodging the issue. But he was able to laugh at himself, at least, so he's one up on Sean Penn. And how badly do you think he got chewed out by the studio heads? And he did this on the *last* Ron Howard movie he did, where he shoved/bullied/harassed that BAFTA producer and kissed that 2nd Oscar goodbye. He had to hustle like crazy to make sure that Ron and Akiva and everyone else got their Oscars, doncha think? Of course, none of them would *have* Oscars if it weren't for his performance. He is the only Oscar-worthy aspect of that film, IMHO, although I did really like Jennifer Connelly in it. But she does owe him. Wow. I still haven't seen "Cinderella Man." Maybe next week.

So ... you think Josh is a better singer than Russell? I may be a Russell fan but I never bought any TOFOG albums. ;-D

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