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Sawyer poll

So, it's Friday and I have put off work all day. ;-D

I was discussing this with yorda_, that the moment in the PIlot, Part 2 where we first see Sawyer reading the letter is the moment we both fell for him. So what was the moment where Sawyer stole your little fangirl heart away? Since I'm completely biased, I only got up through a few eps before running out of poll options. So let me know if your Sawyer moment was in, like, Solitary (Sawyer's shy smile at the golf course) or Do No Harm (Sawyer beams at lil Turniphead) . ;-D And perhaps I'll do another time-wasting poll. Or maybe your heart *doesn't* belong to Sawyer ... (gasps!) Move along, then!

And yes, those links are *pictures* to jog your memory. (Oh, yeah, and it was an *apple* Sayid tossed him. And it was still in 'Tabula Rasa.' Too much trouble to fix in the poll. Oh well.)

What was the scene that cemented the Sawyer love for you?


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