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I've come up with my master list of assignments for the Lost "Hidden Connections" ficathon, at last! Woo! 32 people signed up! A bit of work juggling all the requests and making sure Kate-haters got no Kate and het-fanciers got no slash. Whew! Started to email assignments and will finish up by end of tomorrow.

ETA: Oops. Make that 34, including me. (Juggles again. Sigh.) Man. I'm wiped now. Except I think these assignments are now better divvied up. So yay! (Goes to get eyedrops.) At least I got an even amount of paricipants. ;-D

If you're a fan of Nick Cave, or curious about him at all, I wrote a profile of him over at audiography. Several songs to DL as well.

Where did the weekend go? I had friends in from out of town and we had a good time traipsing around LA. It's fun to play tour guide. I think I'm mostly caught up with my flist now... ;-D

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