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Lost Hidden Connections Ficathon: Master Fic List

When your fic is written and (preferably) beta'd, come here and post a link to it and we can all partake of the ficcy goodness. ;-D If everyone is very good and writes what they were assigned, we'll have 34 fics!

ETA: Please check back here to see if your request has been written. People who do not read and comment on their fic requests will be fed to the monster. 'Kthx.


The Fics

  1. Anything but Lonely written by eponine119 for thepiratequeen. Shannon, Sawyer and a drinking contest.

  2. Deal's Off written by kellysparrow for leahthegreat. Sawyer plans to con Walt's mom.

  3. Scarlet Letters written by missdarksoul for sawyersayidluv. Jack operates on Sawyer's girlfriend.

  4. You Got Male written by themoononastick for philomel. Charlie and Hurley meet online.

  5. Dim Lighting and Squishy Sneakers written by pensivesilence for rissa_jennings. Boone and Sayid talk about the women in their lives.

  6. Tennessee Whiskey written by kho for halfdutch. Jack and Sawyer meet in a bar and get into a fistfight.

  7. The Texas Two-Step written by lillyjk for kho. Sawyer and Sayid are both in police custody.

  8. Emergency Room written by rissa_jennings for missdarksoul. Young Jack and Sawyer meet in the emergency room as Dr. Shephard works to save Sawyer's mom's life.

  9. Crash Into Me written by lillyjk for eponine119. Locke was driving the car that injured Jack's future wife, Sarah. (Yes, she wrote *two* fics for this because she agreed to fill in for someone who had to drop out! Thank you!!)

  10. The Phone Call written by brapolitics for kerfect. Jack and Sawyer have a common link from the past which happens to be Jack's father.

  11. Bonnie and Clyde written by kerfect for foxxcub. Con with Sawyer and Kate and a kiss.

  12. Fate written by honey_babes for brapolitics. Charlie and Claire: A concert and then a chance meeting in a bar.

  13. So this guy walks into a bar written by angela8675 for hey_killer. Shannon and Sawyer, killing time in an airport bar.

  14. Unplanned written by ckdutchess for summerstorm. Shannon and Claire meet in a women's restroom in a cafe in Sydney.

  15. Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll? by philomel for honey_babes. Charlie and Hurley shopping at the same record store.

  16. Alone written by leahthegreat for englshangel. Jack sees Kate at a bar and makes all the wrong assumptions about her.

  17. Lamentations, Part 1 and Part 2 written by sound_of_bells for bronzeoliphaunt. Assignment was Charlie, Hurley and Locke at a concert and something creepy happening, but the finished story involves all the characters.

  18. Kissed by Grief by jjthewriter (aka englshangel) for nevermore82. Sawyer, Kate and death.

  19. Slippery Slope written by halfdutch for lillyjk. When Sawyer picks up Shannon, it's Boone to the rescue.

  20. The Good Doctor written by karenunlocked for sound_of_bells. Locke and Jack have a conversation about a chance meeting that took place years earlier between Locke and Jack’s father.

  21. Stumble written by mag0rian for themoononastick. Charlie and Michael wait in the same pharmacy.

  22. English in French written by foxxcub for angela8675. Charlie and Shannon in the same club in St. Tropez.

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