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Hurrah! It's fictastic!

First of all, kho made me this beautiful J/S banner to thank me for co-betaing her new fic, Vagabond. Which you should go read now! ;-D Her J/S fics are just always so fabulous and angsty and tender at the same time and this one does not disappoint.

And uberaeryn updated her amazingly addictive fic, The Disappeared Eeeeee! My sister called me in the middle of reading it, which may explain some space-time confusion on my part when I plunged back into it. No spoilers, but let's just say I misinterpreted the context of some smut. ;-D

The ficathon assignments have all gone out (whew!) and I've already heard back from four people who are very excited to get working on theirs. And I guess that means the rest are scratching their heads and going, "Now how in the hell am I supposed to write that?"
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