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Turn My Way (Part 2)

Title: Turn My Way (Part 2)
Pairing: Sawyer/Kate (this chapter)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: With Jack away, Kate will play
Note: For uberaeryn, who helped inspire this with her latest J/S smut masterpiece. And for foxxcub who is the very best of friends for truthfully telling me when I suck. ;-D

Part 1

Sawyer was stiff as hell when he woke up. His body remembered last night before he did. It took him a minute to realize where he was. The lack of light confused him.

He blinked and it came back to him. The way Kate had held him ... he shivered, recalling her warmth. The way her hair had brushed against him. The way she’d smelled. Shit. He’d practically torn her arm off in his own pain and she hadn’t uttered a sound.

He lay still, trying to recall his dreams. Somehow, she’d been in them, but it was all too vague, too fogged by whatever the doc had given him. He sighed and let the threads of the dream evaporate, pushing thoughts of her out of his head.

Sawyer moved to sit up, wincing at what the change in angle did to his shoulder. He was probably a mass of bruises, too. It wasn’t until now that he realized his shirt was gone and his chest was dotted with scrapes and the odd bandage. “Shit, I look like a fuckin’ science experiment,” he said out loud.

“Hey, Sawyer. How are you feeling?”

He jumped, startled to hear her voice so close. He hadn’t even looked around. The cave had been so quiet, he’d thought he was alone.

She was standing at the cave’s entrance, her hands on her hips, her head cocked to one side as she gave him an appraising glance.

“Just dandy,” he groaned. “Real fuckin’ dandy. Think I’ll go do the same thing tonight.”

She laughed and walked over to him, kneeling down to look him in the eye.

“Jack got called away. He left you in my care,” she said with a good-natured squint and a smile, as if he were a troublesome 9-year-old.

“How ‘bout some more of those nice pills, then, nurse?” He grinned, unreasonably glad to hear Jack was away.

She shook her head. “Sorry. No can do. Jack was very firm. We have to ration the medicine.” At his cross look, she quickly added. “Look, I know it must hurt. A lot. But there are a lot of worse emergencies we need to keep them for.”

“So Jack said, huh?” he said, his temper flaring. “Right, his cave, his rules...” He stopped short of naming the rest of Jack’s possessions.

Hurt flashed across Kate’s face. “He’s not being cruel. His shoulder went out too, you know, and he didn’t keep taking medicine.” A hard edge crept into her voice. “You may remember. It was the cave-in. The one you didn’t tell me about.”

He ran his tongue along the inside his cheek. “Right. That.” A dozen sharp retorts sprang to mind, but he let them go, unsaid. He finally dropped his eyes under her angry gaze. “Look, it’s been swell but it’s time I was out of your hair.” He stood up stiffly and was surprised to see the expression on her face change back to soft concern.

“No, I’m sorry,” she said with a frustrated sigh as she reached out to him. “I didn’t mean to ... I mean...” She stopped and started again, her hand wavering slightly. “I know this can’t be easy for you.”

He shrugged and instantly regretted it as a sharp pain shot through his shoulder. He winced and she crossed the distance between them, her hands gentle on his good shoulder.

“Stay here. Rest,” she said, her eyes flooded with sympathy. “I don’t want you to go.”

He really just wanted to get out of there, away from those haunted eyes and her soft touch and that way she had of soothing him and wounding him at the same time.

But he grudgingly let her coax him into sitting back down, while calling himself all kinds of choice names, with goddamned fool being at the top of the list. She sat cross-legged at his side, rubbing his right arm. “Sawyer, if I ever hurt you, I’m sorry.”

He snorted in disbelief, rolling his eyes at her. “Oh, Jesus, not that.”

She looked at him, puzzled, not sure if she should be insulted.

“I’m just gonna stop you right there before you get too far along on the ‘Oh, poor Sawyer,’ train? OK?” He shot her a pointed glance.

She nodded, visibly withdrawing, her face serious and sorrowful.

“I told you once I didn’t want you feeling sorry for me,” he snapped. “Not because I’m banged up. Not for this,” he waved his right arm around the cave as she hovered on the verge of interrupting him. “Things happen,” he raged on, ignoring that look on her face. “I’m a big boy. And I don’t need this shit.”

He removed her hand from his arm and stood up again.

“Sawyer, wait,” she said, grabbing his arm again. Her eyes were blazing and she looked on the verge of tears. “I never wanted to drive you away. You never even talk to me anymore.”

She placed her hand on his face so lightly she barely seemed to be touching him at all.

He swallowed hard, needing to close himself off to the plea in those damn green eyes. He wanted to walk away. He did. But he found he couldn’t move when she brushed her lips against his. He could still leave, still stop this ... aw fuck, he swore as her tongue darted out like a flame, licking at his lips, urging his mouth open.

He didn’t move except to open his mouth hungrily and pull her closer with his good arm. She stepped into his arms, pressing into him with breast and hip and thigh, as if she could skip ahead and just have him inside her already.

She was all heat and desire, nothing soft or tentative about her anymore. She fucking wanted him and she wasn’t being shy about it and he was damned if he was going to be a gentleman and walk away now.

His heart slowed to a painful crawl and he wasn’t even sure if he was breathing anymore when she slipped a hand under his waistband. Then her fingers closed around his cock and his blood surged so fast he was lightheaded all of a sudden.

“Fuck, Kate,” he breathed in her ear as she stroked him, those cat eyes eating up each shuddering breath of his. She hadn’t bothered to undo his jeans and the pressure of her hand, moving in a tight little circle, was making him dizzy as he thrust into her palm.

He bent down and she offered up her mouth, dark and wet, as it pulled him farther and farther into her.

They started shuffling backwards as they kissed, until they slammed into the hard rock of the cave wall. Sawyer tore at the buttons on her jeans, tugging them and her panties down in one swift, impatient motion. She stepped out of them and helped him off with his jeans. She guided his cock to her, but he shook his head with a grin.

“Not yet, darlin,” he purred. He dropped to his knees, spreading her legs and rubbing his hands teasingly over her thighs. “Just wanna taste you.”

“Sawyer! We don’t have time,” she hissed urgently, her hands digging into his shoulder, but when his tongue began to trace over her clit in slow, maddening swipes, she stopped talking. She shuddered from head to toe as he teased her with his tongue, gasping when he slid two fingers inside her, her fingers clutching convulsively in his hair now. She melted against him as he sped up, increasing the inner and outer pressure, orchestrating a series of moans from her until he could hear her biting her lip to keep from screaming.

Her voice broke along with her body, gasping out his name in one long swear word as she came, trembling and wet and finally, fucking, his, her moans making his dick throb so hard he couldn’t wait another second.

He was on his feet and inside her as she still struggled to catch her breath and stop shaking. Their eyes locked as they both felt the shock of it, the intensity of the connection as he maneuvered to get even deeper, to feel every last shiver that ran through her.

Her eyes widened as he pulled one leg up, resting it on his hip, and he heard her intake of breath. She’d never looked more gorgeous, flushed and panting and bucking her hips against him, urging him to “Come on, come on, Jesus, come on," as she hooked her leg around him, pulling him closer.

She was nearly sobbing as he fucked her with all his pent up frustration and need. “Oh my God,” she kept panting, resting her forehead against his and if he said anything in return he had no fucking idea.

He was so close to coming, just seconds away, and he gripped her hips tight, just wanting to bury himself in her and never, ever, fucking escape. She must have sensed it because her eyes were open wider than ever now, and she gasped, her breath harsh in his ear. But then she started to push him away and he didn’t get it until someone grabbed him and bodily threw him to the ground.

Hands were around his throat and he still didn’t get it until he looked up into a pair of dark eyes burning with anger. “Fuck,” he managed to gasp out as the fingers squeezed relentlessly. A blurred Kate with big, scared eyes, was hovering behind Jack, pulling at him uselessly.

Jack’s body covered his as he kept up his furious assault, grinding him into the ground, and Sawyer groaned when he felt the interrupted orgasm building again. “Get off,” he rasped out from under Jack’s punishing grip. “Fuckin’ let ... go!” His voice was just a squeak now and blackness was beginning to creep in around his vision as his cock, pinned and rubbed roughly by Jack’s worn jeans, decided now was a good time to come.

He choked, his eyes rolling back in his head as his brain and his cock seemed to explode in unison. The wave of arrested pleasure held him tight, as tight as Jack’s thumbs digging into his neck, and he jerked hard, like a man on the gallows, riding the crest of pain and pleasure for what seemed like days.

At last, he felt the hands around his throat ease up and cool air hit his face and lungs again.

“Jesus, Sawyer,” he heard a disgusted male voice say.

“I fuckin’ told you to let go,” he croaked out after putting his hand to his throat and finding he could speak after all.

“Just get out.” Jack’s voice was metal-edged. Sawyer sat up gingerly and saw a man he didn’t recognize, ice cold with fury and disappointment.

There was no, “Oh my God, are you OK, did I hurt you?” There wasn’t an ounce of compassion coming from Jack. Kate sat hunched behind him, her hands over her face.

Sawyer stood up painfully and retrieved his jeans, pulling them on as fast as he could, tripping over the legs and cursing his useless left arm as he fumbled with his boots next.

The silence in the cave was leaden.

He shook his head at the pair of them, sitting there like fuckin’ statues. “Be seein’ you, Freckles,” he drawled, his voice still raspy.

Jack’s head swiveled and those eyes burned into his with unspoken threats of violence. “Get out,” came that dead voice again.

Sawyer shrugged his good shoulder and walked off, wishing he could keep walking all the way back to civilization.

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  • Happy (belated) birthday to jenthegypsy!

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