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Turn My Way (Part 3)

Title: Turn My Way (Part 3)
Summary: Sawyer worries that Jack might hurt Kate
Rating: R

Part 1 Part 2

Sawyer saw only a blur before him as he stumbled back to his tent, his mind still reeling from his run-in with Jack. He’d never actually been caught with someone else’s woman before, although he’d come damn close. He was still sweating, heart still racing, stomach in knots as jungle flashed by him.

If it were anywhere but here, he’d be gone already, a fuckin’ puff of smoke. But here, there was nowhere to go. They’d have to see each other every day for the next forty or fifty years with his damn luck. He swore out loud, forgetting his raw throat and that made him swear even harder.

What had he been thinking, to fuck her where she lived, with Jack likely to come back at any second? If he’d thought it through -- which he very definitely had not -- he would have arranged to meet her somewhere else, somewhere much more private. But planning hadn’t come into it at all. If he had put her off, even for an hour, she would have reconsidered.

And he tried to decide if that would have been better, to have kept her a might-have-been.

The timing ... the timing couldn’t have been worse. He shook his head, trying not to think about that, although down the road he’d be laughing about it. Sure. One day, they’d all have a big, jolly laugh about it. He calculated how many bottles of Jack Daniels it would take to make him forget the whole thing, and hell, he’d even be willing to share in the interest of collective amnesia. But there wasn’t enough booze on the island to wash away this little episode.

He mind was still back in the cave, with her, so that he didn’t even see Hurley stepping into his path. Only his friendly greeting made him start and pull his gaze up from the ground.

“Hey, what happened? Dude, you’re a mess.”

“Fell down,” Sawyer snarled, willing him to shut the fuck up for once and get out of his way.

“Jack fixed you up, huh?” Hurley, clearly no mind reader, persisted as Sawyer pointedly walked around him.

“Yeah. The good ol’ doc and his healing touch,” he muttered as he left the fat man behind.

“Dude, you sound like shit too,” continued the unwelcome commentary on his health.

“No fuckin’ shit, moron,” he rasped, loud enough for Hurley to hear. If there was a dog he could kick next, he’d gladly have at the damn thing.

His mind turned again to her ... and to what the hell those two were talking about right now. If they were even talking. That cave had been like a tomb when he’d left.

He’d never expected Jack to go ballistic like that. For a second there, he thought he was actually going to ...

Sawyer stopped up short, the panic hitting him like a fist in the gut. Jack was going to fucking kill her. How could he have just left her with him? Jack had the key to the fucking guns. Or maybe he’d just choke the life out of her ...

He turned and ran full out, hurtling up the path, his mind flooded with images of her lying still and bloody on the cave floor, those green eyes staring up at nothing.

When he finally got there, he stopped to get his breath before plunging back into the cave. The entrance yawned in front of him, black and still. He stood there, frozen for a full minute, afraid of what he’d find inside.

They were sitting quietly, their heads bowed together. She was alright, he let himself see and tried to believe it. Both of them looked up when they heard him come in. Alarm flashed over Kate’s face. Jack was grim. “What the fuck do you want?” he said, his words clipped and harsh.

The words sounded stupid now, coming out of his mouth, but he had to say them. “I just had to know she was OK,” he said, his eyes on Kate. “I had to know you weren’t going to hurt her.”

“I’m fine,” she nodded and stood up, hugging her arms to herself. A dozen different emotions swept across her face, and he thought gratitude was among them. There was that same look she’d had the day she’d puzzled out his past. Pity. “Sawyer, he’s not ...”

Your father. Her unspoken words echoed in his head and he looked away, his throat suddenly tight.

When he glanced back, Jack had stepped in front of Kate, blocking Sawyer’s view of her. “Kate, give me a minute alone with him,” he said, his voice low. His hands hung by his side, clenched into fists.

Kate looked from one to the other, and when Sawyer nodded, she flashed him a small, supportive smile. “OK,” she said at last. She walked away slowly, turning to look back over her shoulder before stepping out into sunshine. Neither Jack or Sawyer had moved. She bit her lip, then dropped her head as Sawyer watched her go.

He turned his head and Jack was on him in a blur, pinning him up against the cave wall. Before Sawyer could move, Jack had pinned his bad shoulder to the wall, pressing just hard enough to make him think twice about fighting back. His other hand darted to Sawyer’s crotch, cupping his balls, threatening swift, immediate pain.

“You think I would hurt her?” Jack’s face was right up in his, those dark eyes blazing with anger, daring him to look away. “I would never, never ...” He didn’t finish the sentence, just gave Sawyer a pitying, disgusted look.

“You got a real sadistic side to you, anyone ever tell you?” Sawyer said with a smile that was cockier than he was feeling right about now. “Guess you’re OK with hurting me.” He pressed his hand against Jack’s chest, his bold gaze daring him to try something.

But Jack didn’t move, he didn’t press home his advantage. He didn’t say anything else, just stared into Sawyer’s eyes until that made him even more uncomfortable than the hand that was near to giving his nuts a hard twist.

He fought back a groan as his goddamned wayward dick began to stir, clearly confused about the situation. He gulped in air, waiting for Jack’s next move, his pulse pounding in his throat. He could feel the heat coming off him. He was so close Sawyer could feel his breath on his cheek and see the red in his eyes, see his pulse beating hard in his throat.

Sawyer was starting to wish to God that Jack would just fuckin’ hit him or something already and be done with it, anything but keep up this unwelcome proximity.

“You don’t come near her again, you understand?” Jack said finally, a manic gleam in his eyes. “You don’t see her, except through me.”

“Yeah, right. Whatever, chief,” Sawyer nodded, willing to agree to anything if it meant he could just get the fuck out of there. Any longer and Jack would notice the effect his hand was having on him.

“Later. We’ll settle this later,” Jack said, leaning in until his face was practically touching Sawyer’s. “Tonight. Midnight. Past the last signal fire on the beach.”

“Fine.” He didn’t want to bring up what a grossly unfair fight it would be since he was minus the use of his left arm. Prolonging this little scene was the farthest thing from his mind.

“OK,” Jack said, giving Sawyer's balls the slightest squeeze before letting him go.

Sawyer tensed, expecting pain, but Jack had stopped just short of hurting him. He grit his teeth at the smirk on Jack’s face as he brushed past him and fled, mentally vowing to be nowhere near the last damn signal fire tonight.

TBC. One more chapter, I swear! I apologize for the delayed gratification!
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