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So apparently my flist can't see some of my posts? Even the public ones? Or they're just not showing up on your flist?

Please comment if you can see this message. Thanks!

ETA: Maybe it was backdating these recent entries since I had set up a post for August 12? Hmm. Changed that. We'll see if it makes a difference.

Additional add: OK - turns out if you want to do a future post, you have to backdate that. I hadn't and then had to backdate all my subsequent entries or it wouldn't let me post. Does that make any fucking sense? Backdating a motherfucking future post? Live Journal was clearly not invented by anyone with a grasp of the English language. (FUMES) Jackasses. And if anyone has the gall to point out that that's in the FAQs (which it is), well ... best think twice about enraging the halfdutch any further, 'k? Because it's not the least bit fucking logical.

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