halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Movie meme: additional clues

I'm submitting more screencaps for your approval. ;-D

Let me say that some movies have already been correctly guessed by a few people. When I post who guessed what, I will indicate who got the movies right on the first round so never fear that your guessing skills won't go unrecognized.

If you comment here I'll assume you took advantage of the additional screencaps to help you guess.

If you comment at the original movie meme, I'll assume you got it right without extra clues. ;-D And you wouldn't cheat, right?

These are linked only so you can go in steps if you don't want all revealed just yet.

Movie 1:
Picture 1
Picture 2

Movie 2:
Picture 1
Picture 2 (if you don't guess it after this one, I give up!)

Movie 3:
Picture 1
Picture 2 (OK - still don't know? Here's the star of the film)

Movie 4:
Picture 1 (Either you've seen this and will already know it or you've never seen it. I'm guessing most of my flist has never seen it)

Movie 5:
Picture 1 (Possibly harder than the original screencap)
Picture 2 (Getting warmer)
Picture 3 (Got it yet? This movie is just too much fun to cap!)

Movie 6:
Picture 1 (Again, this might be harder to guess that the original cap)
Picture 2 (Recognize this guy?)

Movie 7
Picture 1
Picture 2

Movie 8
Picture 1 (You have to love this scene. You just do.)

And you should see detoxcocktails movie meme if you think mine was tough!! The cropping alone ... man!

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