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Movie meme - answers!

8 Movies Meme - The Answers revealed
Man, this was fun. I want to do another one! ;-D


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Road Warrior a.k.a Mad Max 2 guessed by foxxcub. Many people guessed Mad Max including eponine119, themoononastick and inthekeyofd. Another guess was Raising Arizona.


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Trainspotting guessed on the first round by detoxcocktails and kiki_miserychic. Guessed on the second round by mediocrechick


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Drugstore Cowboy guessed on the first round by kiki_miserychic (yay for drug movies!) ;-D Guessed on the second round by mediocrechick and inthekeyofd.


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Out of the Past, a classic film noir from 1947 starring Robert Mitchum. The woman is Jane Greer, which only means something to noir buffs. ;-D No one got this one right, as I expected. inthekeyofd knew that was Robert Mitchum at least. Other guesses included Casablanca.


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Raiders of the Lost Ark! ;-D Guessed on the first round by foxxcub, mediocrechick, themoononastick, inthekeyofd. kikimiserychic knew that it was an Indiana Jones film, as did guineverekay, who guessed it after looking at this picture.


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Gladiator. Guessed by foxxcub, mediocrechick, themoononastick, and inthekeyofd. It's the scene where Maximus gets the figurines of his wife and son back from his servant, and tells Juba about how he still talks to them, even though they're dead.


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Last of the Mohicans guessed right off the bat by enigmae and on the second round by mediocrechick and inthekeyofd. Other guesses included Pirates of the Caribbean.


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A Room With a View. Guessed by no one on the first round. Guessed by inthekeyofd and mediocrechick on the second round. Other guesses included The Road to Wellville


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