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Turn My Way (Part 4)

Title:Turn My Way (Part 4)
Pairing: Jack/Kate/Sawyer
Summary: Sawyer gets more than he expected when he keeps his appointment with Jack
Rating: NC-17 for lots and lots of smut
Note: Thanks to everyone's who's been reading and giving me such great fb so far. Here, at last, is the sex on the beach finale that uberaeryn asked for!

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At first Sawyer told himself he wasn’t going to meet Jack for some ridiculous showdown. Why the hell should he?

As far as he was concerned, they were even now. Sure, he'd had messed with his woman, but Jack had gotten his licks in already. It was a wash.

But then he remembered those hands on his throat and he started to itch for some payback. That self-righteous jerk had nearly choked him to death, without so much as a “Sorry for going apeshit on you.” Not to mention, well, everything else.

He was at a disadvantage with his bad shoulder, but he could hold his own. He’d just fight dirtier. He’d show that preppy jerk the definition of mean.

So he sat and smoked more of his dwindling supply of cigarettes than was good for him and watched the moon move across the sky until he guessed it was the appointed hour. Midnight. Showtime.

He was glad to note how quiet it was as he walked up the beach. He felt his adrenaline rising as he spotted the last of the fires along the shoreline, senses straining for the first sound or sight of Jack.

In the circle of light thrown by the fire, he saw a form on the ground and his pulse jumped. He stopped dead when he saw it was Kate, sitting there calmly, her arms on her drawn-up knees.

“What the hell are you doin’ here?” Sawyer demanded, still looking around for the damn doc.

“Jack’s running late,” Kate said, getting to her feet and walking over slowly. She was wearing a tiny little tanktop and he couldn’t help but notice her nipples showing through the thin material. This was not the kind of distraction he needed right now.

“What are you, his secretary now?” he sneered.

But she wouldn’t be baited. She just smiled and him, suddenly close enough to reach out her hand and run it along his arm.

He shivered at her touch, wanting more than anything to throw her down on the sand and take her right there, for a nice, leisurely, uninterrupted fuck. He broke off his thoughts at the look she was giving him. A look that said she was thinking the exact same thing.

She was on her tiptoes now, leaning up to capture his mouth, so small and delicate against him that he instinctively pulled her closer.

Her head fell back as he grabbed her roughly to him and he bent over, molding his body to hers. Her eyes were closed tight but her mouth was open, inviting, warm ... his.

Except that she wasn’t. He pulled up, ignoring her small noise of protest. “This ain’t exactly smart,” he said. “I’m not too keen on having Jack catch us again.”

She frowned, her lower lip starting to pout, but then she shrugged. “You’re right. We should wait for him.”

He sighed and let her go. She settled back down onto the sand and he sat down heavily beside her.

“I’m just so glad you agreed to this,” she said, giving him a sidelong glance. “I wasn’t sure you would.” She ran her hand along his arm, giving him goosebumps.

“Yeah well, I’m an agreeable fellow,” he said lightly. Really, what else was there to say? Of course she’d be flattered to have two men fighting over her. He’d never known a woman who wasn’t.

They sat in silence for a minute or so, and Sawyer started to wonder if Jack was ever coming when he heard a masculine voice.

“So you made it.” He turned to see Jack hovering there, backlit by the firelight, as quiet and serious as a heart attack.

“Well now, I thought you weren’t gonna show,” Sawyer said, relieved to finally have come to the main event.

“Sorry. Couldn’t be helped,” Jack said and he sounded tired. He ran his hand over his forehead, as if trying to rub away his fatigue.

“Just give me a minute,” he said and Sawyer nodded, feeling oddly off balance that Jack didn’t seem to be in a fighting mood. “I’m dead on my feet.”

He started to strip off his shirt, to Sawyer’s surprise. Then he calmly took off his pants and boxers while Sawyer looked on in shocked silence.

“I’m going in for a dip. Join me?” his gaze swept from Sawyer who just stared at him, to Kate, who waved her hand as if him urging him to just go already.

Jack shrugged and ran toward the surf, seeming to disappear into the darkness. The man sure wasn’t self-conscious, he marveled with a shake of his head.

“And I’m supposed to just sit here and wait while he goes for a swim?” Sawyer fumed.

“He won’t be gone long,” Kate said soothingly. “Are you nervous?” Her question startled him.

“Naw,” he said smoothly. “I’ve fought bigger men than him and come out on top.”

“Fought?” Kate’s voice had a strange lilt to it. “What ... Wait. What did Jack tell you to get you out here?”

“He said he wanted to settle all this. Here tonight.”

Kate just goggled at him and then she bent over, her breathing strange.

“Hey, you OK?” he demanded, patting her back as she heaved and choked. He felt more than a little offended when he realized she was laughing, just laughing helplessly at some damn thing. He sat back and stared at her, waiting for her giggles to subside.

“Oh no,” she finally gasped, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I ... oh, Sawyer.”

“Mind tellin’ me what’s so goddamn hysterical?” His patience was just about worn thin and he was starting to think this whole thing was an elaborate joke at his expense.

When she shook her head and dissolved into giggles again, he stood up.

“You two are a pair of lunatics,” Sawyer muttered. “I don’t need this kinda nonsense.”

He stalked off, ignoring Kate calling his name.

“You’re leaving?” Jack was standing in front of him suddenly, glistening wetly. He was all bristling alertness now, like a cat, coiled and ready to pounce.

Sawyer met the intense gaze of those dark eyes with his own heated glare. Crazy, naked madman or not, he had had enough.

“Look, you want to fight or what?” Sawyer snapped. “'Cause this is just gettin’ ridiculous.”

“I don’t want to fight you, Sawyer,” Jack said, sounding amused. He moved closer to him and Sawyer stepped back, the buzzing in his brain trying to tell him what he already felt twisting in his gut.

“Then what the fuck is this about?” he yelled, still telling himself he was imagining things. He jumped when he felt a hand on his arm.

“It’s about the three of us,” Kate said softly. “I told Jack I didn’t want to give you up.”

“You’ve got to be fuckin’ kidding me!” He looked at Kate, all doe-eyed and soft, and then at Jack, tensed and just waiting, but neither one of them jumped to offer an alternate explanation.

“I did not sign up for this,” he muttered angrily, his blood beginning to boil. “You two can just keep your fuckin’ hands to yourselves and ...” he broke off as Kate’s hand stole to his crotch, her touch making his heart stop. “I am not that easy,” he started to say, his breath catching as she leaned up to whisper in his ear.

“Please, Sawyer, for me?” Her voice was hypnotic, her soft breath raising the hair on the back of his neck. “Just this once?”

He looked to Jack in desperation for some sort of recognition that this was the most insane idea of all time. “Doc, this doesn’t make sense. I mean, you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, Sawyer,” Jack said, at his side in one step. He leaned in close, his lips at Sawyer’s ear. “But I can if you want me to.” His tongue darted out, just below his ear, just as Kate’s hand slipped inside his jeans and Sawyer shuddered violently.

If you want me too. If you want.... “Oh, fuck,” Sawyer groaned, his knees suddenly going weak. Was it those words or the way Jack’s voice sounded, so husky and close, that made him shiver? If you want. All that, back there in the cave .... his head swam as Jack’s hand moved inside his shirt, down his chest to rest lightly on his stomach, while his mouth traced warm, wet circles on Sawyer’s neck.

He had about a million more objections and some half-formed but very clear guidelines that he needed to establish before this went any further. But now Kate was undoing his jeans and tugging them past his hips and her mouth -- deargod, her mouth, was taking him in and his last trace of resistance crumbled away like dried up dirt kicked loose from his boots.

Her fingers expertly explored the length of him with pressure that was fucking perfect while her tongue ran teasingly under the edges of the head of his cock. Jesus, she was good. So good that having an audience, namely a naked man standing behind him and getting almost as aroused as he was, well suddenly it was something he was willing to be a little more open-minded about.

Jack held him fast in the crook of his arm, so tight he couldn’t move, even though escape had stopped being an attractive option several minutes ago. Jack’s other hand ran through Sawyer’s hair, soothing him as he began to jerk and moan under Kate’s attention. But even as he soothed him, he began to nip at his neck. He was so close to the edge already, and those little bites, those swipes of hot, wet tongue under his ear, were going to undo him.

And then Jack turned his head so they were face to face, those intense, coal-dark eyes just inches from his. Jack wet his thumb and rubbed it slowly across his mouth, pushing his lips apart and dragging it across his tongue. Sawyer groaned deep in his throat, unable to stop himself from closing his mouth and sucking. He didn’t know any more who was swallowing who as Jack took away his thumb and roughly thrust his tongue into his mouth instead.

Heat spilled down Sawyer’s tongue, burning his throat, down his chest and into his belly, like a strong hit of whiskey. Jack pulled at his hair in rough handfuls as if they were both drowning, as if he needed Sawyer to go on living.

Jack was crushing him, his lips burning him alive, while Kate’s mouth was so wet, so sweet and cruel at the same time the two of them together so fucking intense he couldn’t hold out anymore.

Sawyer felt every last bit of control slipping away as he came, Jack’s fists in his hair and Kate’s hands gripping his thighs and him panting into Jack’s mouth like he was dying.

He slumped in Jack’s arms and Jack eased him to the ground, his arm still around his shoulder as he got his breath. Kate was kissing him, the salty tang of him still in her mouth, and then she was kissing Jack and Jack let go of him.

Great, now they can go fuck and I’ll just lay here for a little bit, Sawyer thought with something like relief, but Jack had other ideas. He took a surprised Sawyer by the hand and spit into his palm. Then he wrapped it with his own around his cock, his gaze a steady dare that Sawyer wasn’t about to back down from.

His eyebrows rose, but he thought I can do this. Not that other thing, but this ... Jack had already closed his eyes and was starting to breathe raggedly as he guided Sawyer’s hand, showing him just how he liked to be touched.

As Jack let go and let Sawyer take over, the oddest quiver ran through him to see the effect he was having on the doc. Each touch, each stroke brought a change in Jack’s breathing and Sawyer sped up, his own breathing starting to match Jack’s as he felt him getting close. Jack's eyes were closed, his mouth hanging open in a round “O” as he began to groan and Sawyer had never seen him so ripped open and vulnerable. This was the flipside to the man who had thrown him against the cave wall, the one who had tried to choke him. He looked fucking helpless and knowing he had the power to make Jack come was like feeling Jack’s hand on his cock.

Kate had slipped behind Jack and was running her hands over his chest, savoring ever shudder, her eyes bright as she watched them both. She leaned forward and whispered in Jack’s ear and he nodded, a faint grin breaking his look of utter concentration.

He looked at Sawyer again, a look of pure desire that hit him somewhere just below his navel. Sawyer didn’t know which one of them moved, but then Jack’s hands were in his hair and his mouth was devouring his as his body jerked hard against him and there was heat and wetness exploding in his hand and then nothing but the thunk-thunk of Jack’s heart and the scent of sweat and come and each other.

It took longer for them to separate this time and Sawyer’s brain was trying to tell him how strange that was, but it was a dim buzz in the background, one he found it all too easy to ignore. He and Jack lay side by side and he felt no desire to move just yet.

Kate -- and Jesus, he’d almost forgotten she existed -- had moved to his side now and put her hands between his legs and smiled when she found he was hard again.

“Sawyer,” she murmured, nuzzling his neck. “My turn now. You ready for me?" Her hand began to move on his cock and she whispered, "I want you to come inside me this time,” and if he hadn’t been hard before, he was now.

And then he was sitting up and she was straddling him and if he’d been tired, he couldn’t remember. As she slipped onto him, everything else fell away and it was like they’d never been apart, like that moment when Jack had found them in the cave had never happened.

Except now Jack was here, sanctioning this, fucking part of it, even if it didn’t make any sense. As Jack moved to his back and pulled at his earlobe with his teeth, he idly wondered if the two of them had drawn up a plan of attack before tonight but then he felt how insanely wet she was from watching the two of them and his brain clicked off for the night.

He gripped her fast by her hips and she ground into him, her whole body swaying and moving like a goddamned belly dancer, each thrust squeezing him tighter and harder than the one before. “Fuck, baby,” he moaned, his hands finding her breasts and then just losing himself in suckling them and taking her nipples between his teeth until she gasped and he didn’t stop until she was moaning his name between Jesus and Fuck and God.

He traced her clit with his fingertips, teasing her until she cursed some more and then he kept up the pressure, grinning at each moan that he forced from her, feeling her thighs start to shake, seeing her eyelids flutter shut and her back arch as she came, her hips convulsing and her body shaking and clenching like a fist around him, and he was going to come with her ... he was ...

He was pulled back from the edge as Jack’s hand snaked down his chest, pressing in erratic patterns designed to distract him and stop him from coming, Sawyer decided angrily, turning with a snarl. And then Jack moved his hand down his stomach, as if testing the tenseness of the muscles there. The hand stopped just above his dick and then fuckingchrist it circled the base of his cock, squeezing hard and then releasing slowly, and then squeezing even harder and just held as Kate kept moving, slower now but deeper somehow, and the two of them locked eyes over him and for a split second he felt that flash of jealousy again. It was them and him and it was always going to be that way, even if they pulled him into their little sex games.

Kate moved again, faster now, and Jack still held him hard, and Sawyer’s breath stopped, just waiting, as if everything, every damn thing on the island, everything between the three of them had been building to this moment, with Kate hovering above him as fucking hot and beautiful as some alcohol-induced vision and Jack holding him his in grasp like it was life and death.

“Come for me, Sawyer,” Jack panted in his ear then, and so help him, he did, the second Jack let go. He gasped for air, his skin burning and bright and white-hot as he emptied himself into Kate, shuddering into her embrace until he thought there was nothing left of him.

But then he was called back, two sets of hands stroking him and saying his name and kissing his neck and his back and his forehead. He was here, now, with them and it still didn’t make sense but then he always figured making sense was overrated.

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