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Truce: Sawyer/Jack fic (alternate ending)

After first posting this story, the extreme OOC snuggliness wasn't sitting well with me (Sawyer was kind of kicking my ass about it), so here's a more realistic, but not necessarily unhappy, ending to this story.

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They lay entangled for several minutes until Sawyer’s heart slowed back down to its regular pace. Jack was almost afraid to meet his eyes, wondering what would happen now that Sawyer had gotten what he wanted from him. Was Sawyer just using him, or was it something more? And then he heard a faint snore.

Sawyer, not so remarkably, had fallen asleep. Jack's disappointment was mingled with relief. He could just sneak away quietly without any cutting remarks or guilty looks. But now he would never know just what Sawyer would have said, how he would have acted toward him after such intense intimacy. Loving? Surly? Indifferent? Jack already felt the moment slipping away, felt himself trying to bury his new, confusing feelings for Sawyer.

The man in question looked impossibly innocent as he slept, barely stirring as Jack eased his arm out from under him. Jack got up to leave, but before he did, he put a blanket over Sawyer's sleeping form. Jack ignored his own hard-on that he was simply going to walk off on the way back to the caves.

When he came back tomorrow, as had to, would Sawyer act like this had never happened? Would there be a next time or had this been it?

He may have tamed the fox for today, but he knew deep down Sawyer was still a wild thing. Tomorrow, he’d have to start trying to tame him all over again. But now for the first time Jack was afraid of being bitten.

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