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Open (Lost RPS) NC-17

Title: Open
Pairing: Matt/Josh/Evie
Summary: Evie turns to Matt when she gets some bad news
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I'm fully aware that these people in real life would never ever act like this in a million years.
Note: Inspired by foxxcub's Foxshy fic Pirates and Eyeliner with the Snarky!Evie. Except Evie here isn’t snarky. Hmmm. This might still squick some folks out even though I rejiggered it a bit already. (Braces for critical reaction.)

The hallway was closing in on her. It was just endless. She swayed, not sure where her room was anymore or even if she was on the right floor. And somehow that was just the final straw. She’d been crying already and now she was sobbing, head down, crumpling to the floor.

“Hey, hey, Evie,” came the gentlest of voices. She looked up and she’d never been so glad to see Matt in her life. “What’s wrong?” He looked so concerned and so sweet, but she couldn’t tell him -- just burst into fresh sobs.

“Hey, it’s OK,” he said, bending down until he was at eye level with her, awkwardly balancing the six-pack of beer he was holding on his knee. Kind, dark eyes looked into hers and she found herself spilling everything. About Dom and the photos and how she’d drained the mini-bar and then just run out, unable to stay in the room with the pictures of them.

Matt nodded and looked properly sympathetic and thoughtful by turns as she kept asking, “How could he?” When most of her story was sobbed out, he had her up by the elbow and was guiding her down the long, dark hallway.

“Where’s your room?” was met with a firm head shake from her and then she realized she didn’t have her key card anyway.

She suddenly wanted nothing more than for him to hold her tight and tell her everything would be OK. He pursed his lips and the odd thought occurred to her that for all the sexual tension between Jack and Kate, she still had yet to kiss Matt.

“OK,” he sighed, and she blushed as if he could read her mind, but he just took charge of her and walked with firm purpose towards a room at the end of the hall. He was juggling her and the beer and his key card and then they were inside a suite a little bigger than hers, with two king-size beds and a giant TV and... Josh.

She blinked to see Josh sitting there in just a towel, hair still wet, a bottle of whiskey in one hand and remote in the other as he muted the game on TV.

“What took you so ...” the irritated Southern drawl cut off as soon as he saw her.

With one quick, appraising glance, he took in her tearstained face and state of drunkenness and then his gaze flicked up to Matt’s and something passed between them but she couldn’t catch what it was. Probably annoyance.

But now Josh was up on his feet. ”Hey, Evie,” he said, just as full of brotherly concern as Matt. “Looks like one of us is a mini-bar abuser, huh?”

She stared at him, confused and then she caught sight of herself in a mirror hanging over the desk and realization dawned. Mascara ran down her face, making her look just like she had in that crazy art director’s British ad. “Oh my God,” she gasped and swiped at her cheeks with the back of her hand.

She thought she heard muted chuckling behind her as she ran for the bathroom. Once inside, she closed and locked the door, sank down onto the toilet seat and gave into her despair again. She cried for another 20 minutes or so and then decided enough was enough. She stood up, squared her shoulders and marched over to the mirror that took up a whole wall. She washed her face and then attempted a weak smile. Better, she thought. She neatly folded the blackened washcloth and found herself wondering why Matt would need two toothbrushes. “That’s odd,” she thought but her brain was too fuzzy still to reason it out.

Evie splashed some more cold water on her face and then dabbed it dry and figured that was good as it got. She turned the handle and walked out, misjudging the turn and falling hard onto the floor.

“Whoa there,” came Josh’s voice and two pairs of arms were helping her up. They both smelled like beer and something else, something masculine and warm. The room was going blurry now and then she was being helped into bed and she felt a kiss on her forehead and she sighed and passed out.


The room was stiflingly hot and dark. Evie knew she wasn’t in her own room but she couldn’t recall where she was. And then she heard a low moan and she knew she wasn’t alone. She reached for the bedside light, fumbling around in the dark. She heard shushing and then everything was quiet. She finally found a switch and light beamed into the room and her eyes went from the empty whiskey bottle on the table to the heart-stopping tableau in front of her.

Matt lay back on the bed, naked, with Josh kneeling on the floor, his head between Matt’s legs. Both heads were up now, staring at her like deer frozen in the headlights.

“Oh, fuck,” she heard one of them mutter and she found herself wavering on the edge of the bed, still so drunk, and not sure whether to turn off the light and pretend she hadn’t seen anything. Instead she found herself walking on unsteady legs over to the other bed.

“How could you?” she yelled at both of them. “You’re both married!” She started hitting Matt, just flailing wildly at his head and shoulders.

“Hey, hey!” Josh was holding her back now and then she was crying on Matt’s chest while Josh patted her back soothingly and Matt stroked her hair.

“It’s OK,” Matt said gently. “I know what it looks like, but they don’t mind. Really. We’re just ... open. It works out for everyone. No one gets hurt.”

“Sorry, baby girl,” Josh was saying in her ear. “We thought you were out cold for the evening. Mighty tactless of us.” He was slurring his words and was still squinting against the light.

“They’re both drunk,” she sniffed and the thought made her stop crying even if she wasn’t sure why. She sat up, looking from Matt’s dark eyes to Josh’s clouded blue. “No, I’m sorry I interrupted,” she said. “I just barged in here and I had no right ..” She didn’t want to admit it, but seeing them together was having a strange effect on her. She felt flushed and warm and painfully aware of how naked they both were.

“I wish you would ... just finish,” she said, ducking her head, but not so quick that she didn’t see Matt’s eyebrows shoot up.

“You wanna watch?” Josh’s voice brushed against her ear, making her shiver. “Or you wanna play?”

She nodded, too confused to put her thoughts in words. Matt and Josh exchanged a meaningful glance and then Josh was sliding back down the bed and taking up the position he’d been in just minutes ago. She watched, fascinated, as he took Matt’s cock in his hands and then into his mouth.

Tingles spread up and down her thighs as Matt’s eyelids scrunched up and he threw his head back, and then it was too much for her and she could only take in a few details at a time: the wet, slurping “mmm” sound Josh was making and how Matt’s stomach tightened and how he dug his fingers into the sheets and thrust his hips up.

And then she couldn’t just watch anymore. Her mouth was on Matt’s and her hands were in Josh’s hair and then on Matt’s stomach and then she took his hand and guided it between her legs and god knows what she was even wearing, but he soon had bypassed the clothes and his fingers were inside her, feeling how fantastically wet she was for him ... for them both.

His breath was speeding up and she willed herself to match him agonized breath for breath and to come with him, and then he was moaning into her mouth and she was twitching under his hands and the room spun wildly and she felt like she was on fire and being drenched at the same time.

They both lay back panting, and now Josh climbed back up onto the bed and Matt rolled toward him and they kissed long and hard, their hands running over each other’s body with urgent need and familiarity.

She realized if she weren’t there that now Matt would get Josh off and she wondered how he usually did that. But then they both turned to her and Josh was kneeling behind her and kissing her and asking her what she wanted and she just kissed him back all the harder, tasting salt and musk on his lips and the taste went straight to her groin, already imagining his lips on her like they’d been on Matt.

She tried to lift her shirt off but got stuck and then her shirt was off somehow and Josh ran his hands over her breasts. “Do you want me, Evie?” he asked and she was jolted out of the moment, somehow surprised to hear her own name.

She moaned something that sounded like yes and she brought his hand to feel how wet she still was. He lifted her up just enough so he could maneuver inside her and she wondered why he didn’t turn around.

“Sawyer!” she protested and she heard a sharp intake of breath and he stopped but then she leaned back and let him know she didn’t want to stop. They were hovering at the edge of the bed and as he started to thrust, she worried they would both pitch forward.

The question of where Matt had gone to was answered when she felt his hands on her thighs, bracing her, and keeping her safe and steady. And then that close-cropped head dipped and scraped along her inner thighs and sure, strong hands parted them as far apart as they would go and then deargod his mouth was on her and they were fucking her as one man, and they were both behind her and in front of her and inside her as she was buffeted back and forth between them, from pleasure to pleasure until she felt she was being made love to by an ocean of men, and they were all so strong and hard and hers, if just for now, just this moment.

When she came, she could feel her whole body seizing up in a paroxysm of pleasure and still they pushed at her, pounding her, tasting her, until she cried out for them to stop. And then Josh was moaning something in her ear and biting into her shoulder and gripping so hard into her hips she thought she’d have bruises but she didn’t mind, not as she felt him tremble and curse and flood her with wetness and heat.

When he pulled out, she was still shaking and then Matt laid her back and lapped at her again and Josh’s mouth was on hers and together they drove her to the edge again and again until she was crying as hard as she had been earlier tonight.

They each laid beside her and one hand draped over her thigh and one was over her breast and she heard a deep sigh on either side of her and the last thing she thought before she went under this time was how much she liked the sound of that word “open.”
Tags: foxshy, lost_fic, rps

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