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Musics, acoustic and otherwise

Here are some acoustic songs I've come across lately that I thought my lovely, lovely flist would enjoy. All mp3 except where noted.

-Spitting Games - Snow Patrol - You get to hear lead singer Gary Lightbody give a little intro here. Such a lovely Irish burr and it's stronger than usual through the song too
-Run - Snow Patrol
-Brace Yourself - Howie Day. Known to inspire certain fanfic writers. *wink* (m4a)
-Mascara - Interpol. They sound rather like they're at the bottom of a well, which suits them.
-Days Go By - Dirty Vegas. Yes, this is that electronic dance track ("days go by and still I think of you"), now acoustic! A must-listen. I like both versions, myself.
-Breaking Up the Girl - Garbage
-Fell In Love With a Girl - White Stripes
-The Chauffeur - Duran Duran

Also - just got this song Apple Candy by Ben Lee - an ode to threesomes! "I want to go where he's been/I want you and I want him." OT3! ;-D
Listen to it and then go read Jack Hates by eponine119.

And you Scissor Sisters fans, you must listen to this mashup by DJ Earworm:
It's Scissor Sisters vs. George Michael vs. The Beatles vs. Aretha Franklin and surprisingly it works!
- No One Takes Your Freedom

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