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FOXY WAS ROBBED! Hank Azaria instead?! WTF??

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I mean Terry O'Quinn totally deserves it, but Naveen? That's a surprise. Guess that will make it up to him for having no decent storylines for the entire last half of the season. Jeez, I wonder what episodes they sent in for consideration. Clearly not "Cowboys" or "Do No Harm" or either Sawyer ep. Huh. *scratches head some more.* For my money, Josh completely outshines Naveen. OH WELL. You all know I'm completely biased. As are Emmy voters, apparently. Awards shmawards.

Lookie at the fab but all-too necessary icon rogueapprentice made last night! (points to the left)

But still, happy birthday Matt! We love you!

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cap via lost-media.com.
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