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So I won my first ever fic award! "Best NC-17 Fic" for "Turn My Way," over at lost_fic_awards! Thanks to whoever nominated and voted for me! That's so unbelievably cool! *pops champagne cork* It's all because of uberaeryn's request for some J/K with a side of Jealous!Sawyer. ;-D

Congrats to the other winners, too! I know the comm is going to keep me on my toes to read new fics to nominate and introduce me to new ones once they are nominated. *toasts the mods and fellow fic writers*

And last week two of my post-Emmy icons were nominated over at lost_awards which is almost cooler because I am waaaaay outclassed when it comes to making icons so I was very honored by that! Of course I didn't win, which is as it should be! ^___^

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