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Congrats to my dear LJ buddies foxxcub, uberaeryn and eponine119 for their wins in the slash category over at lostff_awards.

Much deserved wins for some wonderful, beautiful, sexy, heartbreaking, GUH fics. (And they're all J/S! A banner day for the OTP.)

*loves all of you*

(And yeah, I was nommed too and got beaten. Badly. LOL. I couldn't be happier because these fics and these writers ROCK.)

The other fics that won are also fantastic but I'm not on a champagne-spraying basis relationship with the writers. But congratulations to everyone. ^_______^

*other categories to be announced soon but I couldn't wait to SQUEE*


I won best author along with foxxcub!! Dudes, we tied! How fanfuckingtastic is that? Wooooo!! Because sometimes it's almost like we *are* the same person, LOL. Except that she's a better writer than I am. And votes differently. And is taller. ;-D

A huge, heartfelt thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for me! *is shocked* Just, wow! This totally, totally blows me away!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I tied for Best Romance for "Showdown," one of my first-ever Lost fics. Awwww! How amazing and cool is that? Wheeee!! *what, you expected coherence?*

And yeah, foxxcub won some more awards, LOL. CONGRATS!!!

*kisses everyone in sight*

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