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Just to let you know if you're not already a member of lostsquee, I'm going to be kicking off the "Punky Reggae Party" on Wednesday, July 27. There'll be Lost or summer-related music and pix and of course, SQUEEING over the Lost cast. So come join the festivities! *cracks open more beer*

And I will be driving the crack_van van for Lost fic recs in August! Following in the footsteps of my LJ better half, foxxcub, LOL. It's a great comm, especially for sampling *gasp* other fandoms you're not as familiar with. Like, I just read this hot, dark, and amazingly written Sark/Keller Alias/Oz crossover fic which I HIGHLY recommend if you like psychotic bastards going at it. Cat and Mouse by visionofblue

And go to the LJs of crystalkirk and detoxcocktails and tell 'em which male celebs you lust after. Could result in some icons ... you never know!

ETA: Ooooh. Just discovered this comm which is exactly what the name says it is: hires_hunks - hi-res pics of male celebs. There's Josh and Matt and Clive and Viggo and yes plenty of Dom and Orli and Ewan. ;-D I'm sure a lot of icon makers already know about it but it's yummy!
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