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So I was just trying to think of some of my favorite Lost fics and thought I'd make a list and share it. Some of these aren't on LJ, so might be new to you.

Fave Gen:
Claire's War
by yahtzee63

These Past Unpleasantries by Elizabeth5 (Sawyer's "brother" shows up on the island with a score to settle)

Fave AU:
(work in progress) by DemonQueen 666 (Sawyer is mutating into something ... weird)

Death in a Black Trenchcoat (WIP) - by effexxor (Sawyer is a dying AIDS patient, Sayid his angel of death)

Pictures - by KKNS (Kate draws pretty pictures from her mental ward)

The Unknown - by Mnemosyne (When Charlie disappears, Claire starts to lose her mind…)

Almost any other C/C fic by Mnemosyne! Including I'm Impressed

Fave Slash

- Jack/Boone: Curious Harp by carolinecrane (Massage/smut fic!)

- Jack/Sawyer: The Fantasy Meets Reality by goodbyemyfancy (BJ!)

- Sawyer/Sayid: So many good ones! I'm going to narrow down to just a handful.
-- Interlude (WIP) by dustyirish2003 (Really a Charlie/Hurley fic, but in later chapters it becomes all about Sawyer/Sayid and it's FANTASTIC! Still waiting for this one to be wrapped up! Hint. Hint!)

-- Reparation by jaye_voy (Sayid's guilt leads him to make Sawyer an unexpected offer) One of my all-time fave S/S fics

--Whole by boho_life

--Sorry for Nothing by sparky77

--Worth by effexxor

- Sawyer/Boone
--Moral Victory by thou_art_that

--The Perks by tragictale

--Cat Burglar by tragictale

--Sting by Gabrita

Fave Threeway:
The Jungle Has Her Secrets by Wolfine (Jack/Sawyer/Sayid)

Only Natural by cmere1 (Jack/Kate/Sawyer) HOTTT!

Fave Kate/Sawyer
What's in a Name by musing_mia

And I haven't even gotten to the other pairings like Boone/Shannon or Sawyer/Shannon or Sayid/Shannon! Next time.

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