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Lost: Season 2

txvoodoo posted the latest Oceanic Airlines newsletter. (I get it too, but I'm lazy, LOL.)

The bit that interested me, episode titles. (Cut just in case some folks consider that a spoiler.)

From the newsletter:
Several scripts have already been completed and are in the pre-production process, with many more in the pipeline. To give you a taste, here is an exclusive glance at the titles and writers of our first three episodes:

Episode One:
"Man of Science, Man of Faith" written by Damon Lindelof

Episode Two:
"Adrift" written by Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick

Episode Three:
"Orientation" written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Craig Wright

So the first one is Locke vs. Jack. That seems clear. Another Locke backstory, then? Or will it be like the pilot, with no one in particular being featured? and "Adrift" surely must be about the lads at sea. Sawyer is rescued? And shirtless and in desperate need of Dr. Jack? *fangirls, channels fics by foxxcub and ficangel, among others* And the third ep, possibly about the tail section folks? Who will probably *grumble* be nursing Sawyer back to health instead of Jack. (And for fic somewhat along those lines, I refer you to eponine119's excellent fic, "Anathema.")

OK. Woo! Production has begun! And the season debut is Sept. 21. And the DVDs are out Sept. 6, right? The end is in sight!!

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