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Sooo, I have Lost plot bunnies up the wazoo and must get writing! Although work calls too. *sigh*

foxxcub gave me the most outrageous, challenging possibly cracktastic assignment for the Lost Kinkathon! I'm very excited but a bit nervous to start work on it. Should I say what it is...? Or just surprise everyone? Done right it could be soooo much fun. Done wrong, it would just be a big, steamy pile o' poo. Anyway, I intend to have literally obscene amounts of fun with it and will just keep my fingers crossed.

And I'm going to write my second Jack/James story! Not related to "Reunion" but set after foxx's "The Guilty Party." Cuz, you know, where she leads, I follow. ;-D I still have two Jack/Sawyer stories I started that are only about half done and lord knows I'd like to get those wrapped up too. Not enough time in the day!

As far as my two WIPs -- *sigh.* Whenever you're ready, foxx, let's get back to the noir! If a million other AUs don't grab us first, LOL.

And um, ETA: A birthday fic i promised demonqueen666 that I should have delivered by mid-June. (hides)

And I need to write my own assignment for my own damn ficathon. A gentle reminder folks, less than two weeks until the Lost Hidden Connections fics are due. Yep, Aug. 12 is fast approaching! So far, 4 out of 34 have turned in their fics. If you haven't read those yet, go here.

Hey, mediocrechick, did you get any of those Simpsons caps? emeraldswan, did you got those tunes? I'm preparing to send more on both counts, if you can handle them!

OK, off to do a bit o' work and a bit o' writing.
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