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Truce (Part 2)

Summary: After one night of passion, how will Jack and Sawyer act toward each other the next day?
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: R for some rather polite smut
Note: I wrote the first story as a one-off, but then I kept wondering just how these boys would be in the aftermath, so here you go, like it or not, Part 2. It's mostly tied into the non-snuggly ending but it probably works OK if you’ve only read the super snuggly one. (And yes, that’s about the 20th time I’ve typed some variation of “snuggly” this week!” I feel like I’m talking about fabric softener!)

Jack woke up the next morning dreading the trip to Sawyer’s tent. If only he'd spent the night, then he would have known right away how Sawyer was going to act towards him now. But he'd decided he had to get back before he was missed, as much as he had wanted to stay in Sawyer's arms.

Today, either Sawyer would smirk and be insufferable or he would say nothing, which would be much, much worse. Jack didn’t even let himself think that Sawyer would greet him with a kiss. There was no chance in hell of things being that straightforward.

Sawyer! Of all the people on the island he had to start caring about, he swore to himself. Kate had her issues too, and lord knows she’d made it clear he could have had her at one point, but right now Jack couldn’t imagine anything more complicated than trying to sort out the situation with Sawyer.

His heart sank as he approached the tent. He’d actually considered sending Kate over here today but the last thing he wanted was to explain himself to her or give her an inkling that anything was going on.

So here he was, heart in hand, like a fool. He peeked into the tent. Sawyer wasn’t there. A momentary reprieve, except that now he had to go hunt him down and chew him out. At least he’d have something to open the conversation with.

He turned the corner, and practically stumbled over Sawyer. He was sitting against the tent, having a smoke. He looked up at Jack, his face guarded, suspicious even.

Jack drew a deep breath. “There you are,” he said lamely. His mouth was dry and he suddenly felt like he was giving a speech in front of hundreds of people, he was that nervous. “How are you feeling today?” he asked, opting for the professional approach.

Sawyer shrugged, his eyes leaving Jack’s face and returning to stare out across the water.

Jack swallowed, feeling like he’d been kicked in the stomach. So that’s how things were going to be. Well, at least he knew now.

He busied himself with getting Sawyer’s fresh bandage ready. He knelt down beside Sawyer and removed the old dressing. He had to roll up Sawyer’s shirt sleeve to do it, and he couldn’t help remember how he had undressed Sawyer yesterday and how it had felt to have him moaning helplessly in his arms.

Sawyer ignored Jack as he applied the new bandage, just kept smoking and staring off into the distance.

Jack stood up, his doctor’s errand over. He didn’t bother to say goodbye. His words would have choked in his throat anyway.

“Be seein’ you, doc,” Sawyer called out sarcastically after him.

Jack turned, surprised Sawyer had said anything at all. He just nodded and walked away. Tears burned in his eyes and he wiped them away roughly when he was a safe distance from Sawyer.

“You idiot, you stupid idiot,” Jack kept telling himself. He couldn’t do this again. He would send Kate tomorrow, her curiosity be damned. No one would question it. Everyone knew how much he and Sawyer hated each other, he thought bitterly.

“What did you say to Jack?” Kate said, getting straight to the point as she changed Sawyer’s bandage.

“Huh? I didn’t say nothing to the hero,” Sawyer replied, glaring at her. “Maybe he’s just too damn sensitive for his own good.”

“Well, he’s mad at you about something. Why can’t you even be civil to him? He’s just trying to help.”

“Yeah, help me into an early grave,” Sawyer muttered. “Listen, what’s between me and the doc isn’t getting fixed overnight. He’s a fucking coward. He let that bastard practically kill me. It’s not something you forgive and forget just like that.”

“You know Jack feels bad about what happened. Why can’t you cut him some slack? You’re no angel either, Sawyer.”

“No, I’m the devil,” Sawyer said with a ghost of his usual smile. “Scourge of the island. Satan himself.”

“Get over yourself, Sawyer,” Kate said, giving the bandage a final tug. “You’re acting like a martyr. This is getting old: You moping around. Jack moping around. Just get over it, will you?”

Sawyer looked at her curiously. “Me, mope? Nah, leave that to the hero. He’s always brooding over something. It’s nothing to do with me.”

“Just play nice, OK?” she said, her hands on her hips. “It wouldn’t kill you to be nice for once.”

He just grunted at her. It was odd, she thought. Usually he’d have made some off-color remark to her by now. Not that she wanted him to continue to leer at her, but it was so much part of Sawyer that if he wasn’t doing it, it must mean something was wrong.

"There," she said, surveying her bandaging handiwork. "It may not be as good a job as Jack would do, but I think it will hold."

Sawyer looked at her askance and then he dissolved into helpless laughter, not bothering to explain himself, just shaking his head at her curious expression.

She shook her head and walked away. She would never understand men, not these men, anyway.
The next day, Jack couldn’t find Kate. He waited until nearly sunset, but she wasn’t around all day. He would have to go to Sawyer himself. Just the thought put him in a black mood but at least if Sawyer were as uncommunicative as he’d been the other day he could get it over with quickly.

Sawyer was sitting in his chair when Jack got there, but he was alarmed to see a nearly empty liquor bottle in Sawyer’s hands.

“Sawyer!” Jack said, exasperated. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Whatever the hell I want, doctor,” Sawyer responded, glaring at Jack through slitted eyes. His words were slurred and he stank of whiskey.

Jack wrested the bottle away from him. “Even you know this is a bad idea,” he said, furiously.

“Yeah, I thought you were leavin’ me to my own devices,” Sawyer said, his drawl stronger because of the drink. “Didn’ think you cared...”

”You don’t make it easy,” Jack sighed. He looked around and found a bottle of water. “Drink this,” he ordered Sawyer, and the drunken man glared at him, but he downed the whole bottle.

Sawyer got to his feet, brushing Jack away. “Where do you think you’re going?” Jack demanded.

“Gotta take a piss,” Sawyer said, slurring the “s.” “You wanna come hold it for me?” he added snidely.

Jack watched him lumber off unsteadily. The thought of following Sawyer to make sure he didn’t keel over crossed his mind, but he didn’t want to feel like a voyeur either. In a short time, Sawyer came shambling back in, his fly still undone, Jack couldn’t help noticing. He flopped back into his chair and moodily submitted himself to Jack’s doctoring.

Jack examined the old bandage, by now crusted with blood. He had to pry it off Sawyer’s arm, and if Sawyer weren’t already blotto, he would certainly have minded the pain.

He washed the wound and put a fresh dressing on while Sawyer laid back, his eyes closed. Jack stood up to take his leave when Sawyer grabbed him by the arm.

“So that’s it, doc?” Sawyer said in a low voice. “You just patch me up and you’re on your merry way?”

Jack stopped. “What do you mean?” he said guardedly. Was Sawyer asking him to stay? He felt his hope sneaking back slowly.

“Damn thief in the night ... just sneak off,” Sawyer muttered.

Jack crouched down again. “What are you talking about, Sawyer?” he asked, his heart starting to flutter.

Sawyer’s hand was still on his arm, and now Sawyer moved it to his shoulder, gripping tightly as he leaned forward in his seat. His eyes searched Jack’s face, his expression so sad it took Jack’s breath away. Sawyer pulled Jack closer to him, until their lips were almost touching.

Jack closed his eyes and leaned in closer, feeling a sweet ache spread through his body as their lips met. He entwined his hands in Sawyer’s hair, not wanting to let him go as they kissed hungrily. They were both breathing heavily when they finally parted.

Sawyer leaned his forehead against Jack’s. His hands ran over Jack’s hair, his ears, his face, as if making sure he were really there.

“Sawyer, I thought...” Jack started to say. “You were so cold to me...”

“You just left,” Sawyer mumbled, his words running over Jack’s. “I woke up and you were gone.”

Jack’s heart ached. “You fell asleep!” he protested. “I didn’t think you wanted me to stay. If I’d known...”

Sawyer laughed, a low noise that vibrated in his throat, sending delicious shivers through Jack. He smiled and then he grabbed Jack, pulling him in for another kiss.

The first time they touched had been so tentative, but now they went at each other with crazed abandon. Jack shucked off his shirt and climbed on top of Sawyer, his skin pulsing as Sawyer ran his hands over his chest, tugging at his chest hair as he bit and licked his nipples in turn.

Jack eased his jeans and boxers down his hips and kicked them away impatiently, shivering as the night air hit his naked body. With Sawyer’s eyes on him, Jack’s dick grew hard instantly. He had Sawyer’s clothes off just as quickly, then lowered himself on top of him, luxuriating in the sensation of skin on skin. He had goosebumps as Sawyer touched him, but they went away as both their bodies heated up.

Sawyer bit his neck while arching against him, his hips jutting into Jack’s. Jack’s hand found Sawyer’s cock and his own jumped to hear Sawyer’s gasp of pleasure at his touch. Jack slid down his body and took him in his mouth, eliciting a moan. He could already taste him.

Jack paused. He had never done this before, but he wanted to do it for Sawyer. He wanted to make him scream and moan and reduce him to a quivering mass of jelly. It probably helped that Sawyer was completely drunk as he fumbled around.

If Sawyer’s reaction was any indication, Jack had finally figured out what he was doing. Sawyer lay outstretched with his arms covering his face, uttering low moans as Jack’s tongue swirled over the head of his dick while he cupped Sawyer’s balls with one hand.

Shudders ran through Sawyer’s body and his breathing grew ragged, and Jack knew he was close. He ran his free hand up Sawyer’s torso, clutching at his abdomen, feeling the tremors building there. He moved his hand to grip the small of Sawyer’s back, bringing his hips even closer to him.

With a guttural cry, Sawyer came at last, exploding in Jack’s mouth. His body kept twitching with residual spasms and Jack grinned to see that he hadn’t given lousy head after all. His mouth tasted like Sawyer, salty and musky with maybe just a trace of whiskey.

Sawyer sat up, leaning toward him, but then he slumped forward suddenly. “What is it?” Jack said, rushing to support Sawyer.

“Head rush,” Sawyer said with a faint smile. “Just a mite ... dizzy, doc.”

Jack put his head to Sawyer’s chest and could hear his heart thudding violently. “Just take a minute,” he instructed, reverting to his doctor persona.

Sawyer nodded, lying back weakly, closing his eyes. “That’s two I owe you, doc. I’m falling behind here.”

“How about we get to that in the morning?” Jack said, smiling.

Sawyer opened his eyes again, looking at Jack quizzically. “You sure? How’re you gonna explain that?”

“You’re my patient,” Jack said, a twinkle in his eyes. “You needed to be watched. Simple as that. After all, you almost passed out just now.”

“So I did, so I did,” Sawyer said with a grin. “I’m a very sick man.”

“Very,” Jack smiled, settling in next to him.

Again, I know I’m at least slightly OOC with Sawyer being so open with his feelings. But then again, he’s gone around with his heart on his sleeve about Kate so I don’t feel tooo bad about it. And I promise Jack will get blown next time ... sorry, Jack!


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