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Two Sawyer reccs

I stumbled across these two non-LJ Sawyer fics.

Warning, they're both pretty dark and twisted, which is where my own mind seems to be lately. (When I'm not busy making Sawyer into a super snuggly teddy bear, that is.)

In the Wild by Panthea/Maya Tawi
Summary: Someone is stalking Sawyer. I'd give it at least an R rating for sexual assault.

Shameless also by Panthea/Maya Tawi
Summary: Sawyer wants something from Sayid. And he's good at getting what he wants.

Enjoy! Or, er, squirm uncomfortably, as the case may be.

(I swear, I was really listening to "Stranglehold" while writing this ... how apropos.)

Additional Sawyer thought: "Metamorphosis" (from my other recc list) and "In the Wild" had me thinking how vulnerable he is because he's such a loner and is too proud to ask for help, ever. If anything were really wrong with him, he'd be in real trouble!

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